What if there was a nuclear war? Who has the most nuclear weapons


nuclear struggle: At present, the dialogue about nuclear struggle in the world has intensified by dwelling in the midst of the ongoing stress between Ukraine and Russia. There is a worry round the world that if the scenario does not enhance at the earliest, then in such a scenario the world may also transfer in direction of nuclear struggle. In the occasion of a nuclear struggle, the whole world may have to bear the brunt of it. Keeping all these issues in thoughts and for sustaining peace in the world, many organizations have been fashioned. So that peace can be maintained at the worldwide stage.

Why is the chance of nuclear struggle being raised? (*13*)

The current scenario is behind the worry of nuclear struggle. As we are seeing, the ongoing mutual assaults between Ukraine and Russia are having an impact throughout the nation. Meanwhile, according to the assertion given by the President of Russia, there is a trace about the use of nuclear weapons soon. For your data, allow us to inform you that the President of Russia has requested its Nuclear Deterrent Force to be on alert amid the ongoing struggle with Ukraine. Which means that Russia has saved its nuclear weapons in alert mode so that they can be used each time wanted. At the same time, Russian President Putin has bluntly said that if any nation stops him or sends his military to help Ukraine, then he will go to any extent and face them. The direct which means of which is being seen by connecting it to the use of Nuclear Weapon.

What if there was a nuclear struggle? (*13*)

If nuclear weapons are used for any cause, then more harm will be done than abnormal people can think about. Years in the past, when America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in the struggle, there was a lot of harm in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The blast killed more than 80,000 folks in Hiroshima and 70,000 in Nagasaki. The harm was done throughout the blast, however due to its affect, the widespread citizens there had been struggling for many years.

If we speak about nuclear struggle at present, then at the moment there are nuclear bombs, whereas earlier there were 15 kg atom bombs. The same atomic bombs of at the moment can be up to 100 kg. And these also occurred not in the number of one or two, however in numbers up to 500, so now you can guess the extent to which harm can be triggered by using them.

  • Whenever a nuclear bomb explodes, more than one million levels Celsius of warmth is generated, which is capable of destroying the objects coming in a number of kilometers.
  • The fall of a nuclear bomb may take 10 seconds, however the devastation triggered by it is very horrible. Its impact lasts for years.
  • During the blast, a lot of stress is created as a result of which many buildings collapse in seconds.
  • For many years after the blast in Japan, folks were battling leukemia, most cancers and harmful illnesses associated to lungs. Not only this, lots of of hundreds of folks had lost their eyesight.
  • Nuclear struggle will trigger hunger all over the world. At least 2 billion folks will endure from hunger.
  • If a nuclear struggle occurs, it will disturb the steadiness of the entire system of the earth.
  • The temperature of the earth will start to lower quickly. This is as a result of the smoke coming out of these assaults will freeze over the entire earth’s floor. Due to which the daylight will not attain 10 p.c of the locations on the earth.
  • Not only this, there will be a discount in rainfall by up to 45%. There will be no rain in most areas.
  • The common temperature of the earth will attain -7 to -8 levels. Accordingly, the world will go again a full 18 thousand years (at the time of the Ice Age).

Who has the most nuclear weapons?(*13*)

At present, 9 nations of the world have nuclear weapons. Out of which nations like Russia, America, Britain, China, France, India, Pakistan Israel and North Korea are named. Talk about nuclear weapons with these nations, so no nation provides clear data about the number of nuclear weapons here. However, allow us to inform you that Russia at the moment has the most nuclear weapons. According to a report by Sweden-based think-tech “Sipri” – Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the navy of nuclear-armed nations has more than 9,000 nuclear weapons. By the starting of 2020, these 9 nations had about 13,400 nuclear weapons, of which 3,720 were deployed with their armies.

For your data, allow us to inform you that according to SIPRI, about 1800 of these weapons stay on excessive alert, which can be fired within a quick time. Russia and America have the largest number of all these weapons. According to the report, Russia had 6,375 nuclear weapons in the year 2020. Whereas America had 5800 weapons.

Talk that India had 160 nuclear weapons by 2021, whereas Pakistan has 165 and China has 350 weapons.

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