Tremendous scheme of post office! Now get Rs 16 lakh at zero risk, read in detail


Post Office RD Scheme: If you also need to make investments in such a scheme where you can get better return even in much less investment, then for you Post Office Recurring Deposit Might show to be a better possibility. Yes, in the Post Office RD Scheme, not only do you get better returns, however the safety is also assured by the government, in which there is no hazard of drowning your cash. Even by starting with little or no investment, you can 16 lakh rupees from Post Office RD Scheme And for this you need to take zero danger as a result of your investment is completely secure. Let us inform you that in the post-office RD scheme, you Invest more than simply Rs 100 per month You can start and get good returns. Let’s know and

Post Office RD Scheme: Tremendous Scheme of Post Office!  Now get Rs 16 lakh at zero risk, read in detail
Post Office RD Scheme: Tremendous Scheme of Post Office! Now get Rs 16 lakh at zero danger

Post Office RD Scheme, Profit Deal

Post Office RD Scheme has been began by the government for those citizens of the nation who need to get better returns in much less investment and also they do not have to take any danger. The deposit quantity has also been stored at Rs 100 every month for most number of folks taking part in this scheme, though there is no most deposit limit. All the banks in the nation provide the facility of Recurring Deposit, however if you open your RD account in the post workplace, then you not only get higher rate of interest however cash is also more secure in it.

If you open an RD account in the post workplace, you will get 5Fantastic rates of interest of .8 p.c Which provides better curiosity on your investment, as well as inform that this price is more than the rate of interest supplied by many national banks. This curiosity is added to your investment every quarter and is compounded yearly. compound curiosity is calculated on the foundation of

Maturity period is 5 years

Where many banks provide the facility of RD for 6 months, all through the year, 2 years to 10 years, you can get RD done in the post workplace for up to 5 years. You can deposit deposits in this account every month as per your capability. Its rates of interest are revised every quarter by the government. Also it has a minimum of 1Pay premium past Rs.00 facility is available.

Will get an quantity of more than Rs 16 lakh

Tell you that if the current rate of interest 5.8% price every month from 10,000 rupees investment and make investments in this scheme for 10 years, then at the time of maturity you will get more than 16 lakhs will be given. Also, the danger on your cash in this scheme is also negligible.

Keep these issues in thoughts in Post Office RD Scheme

If you also open an RD in the post workplace, then on your investment TDS is also deducted as well as investment 40 thousand If you exceed it, you will also have to pay tax. But it is important to preserve in thoughts that there is no tax on your whole quantity and if your income does not come under the purview of tax, then you Form 15G You can get exemption from tax by filling-up.

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