Take special care of these things during this Navratri fast, your wish will be fulfilled


Navratri 2022Chaitra Navratri is starting from 02 April 2022. These days, the devotees who worship Maa Adishakti are showered with immense grace of Maa Durga. Mother fulfills all the needs of all her devotees. Navratra lasts for 9 days. Which this time will stay until 11 April 2022. During these 9 days, devotees worship 9 completely different varieties of Maa Durga. That is why in the present day in this article we will inform you that if you also observe the fast of Chaitra Navratri, then what should you take special care of so that there is no disturbance in your worship and fasting. Let’s know –

Navratri 2022 worship associated things

  • During Navratra, folks set up Kalash in their properties, for which it is necessary that the roots should be put in in the proper path so that the Kalash is in front of the individual who worships.
  • Before worshiping, set up Maa Durga’s easy on the proper time.
  • Use soil from a clear place for set up. And sprinkle clear water.
  • While worshiping, provide purple coloured chunari on the Kalash.
  • When providing coconut at the time of worship, hold in thoughts that it should face in direction of you. Coconut is thought of a image of Lord Ganesha.
  • If you have established a Akhand Jyoti with the Kalash, then hold in thoughts that hold including ghee to it from time to time so that it burns repeatedly for the next 9 days.
  • If you have a fast for 9 days, then you must do aarti and worship recurrently. And you must take prasad after worship.
  • Before worshiping, you should organize all the make-up gadgets of Maa Durga before Navratri.

Navratri 2022 Conduct associated things

  • According to our non secular scriptures, it has been informed that those who fast for Navratri should sleep on the floor as a substitute of sleeping on the mattress. If you cannot sleep on the floor, you can sleep on a picket plank.
  • You should not use salt during the fast. Along with this, one should not eat an excessive amount of meals. You can use buckwheat in meals.
  • An individual observing a fast should observe celibacy.
  • The individual observing the fast should keep away from lust, anger, attachment and greed.
  • It is believed that the individual observing the fast should not lie and stick to the truth. One should not drink an excessive amount of water as well as give up the use of intoxicants like gutka tobacco.
  • The fasting natives must meditate on their Ishta/Kul Devta after worshiping Mother Durga for 9 days.

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