Start tuberose cultivation, there will be profit of crores, know complete information


Rajanigandha Farming: Today, many farmers in the nation are making good profit by cultivating new crops from horticulture, so if you also need to earn better every month by starting any such horticulture associated farming. So right now we have a very useful for you tuberose farming have introduced information about Tuberose Flower whom Nishigandha, Sword Lily Also recognized as, by cultivating these vegetation, you will be in a position to earn crores of earnings. Rajanigandha Farming Through our article, you will get detailed information about what is it and how to earn better by starting it.

know what is Rajanigandha Farming

tuberose farming It is a very useful cultivation in the area of horticulture, this cultivation is done in the months of February to March in the plains of the nation and April to May in the hilly areas. Cultivation of Rajnigandha is not a very troublesome job, this cultivation can be done easily with much less assets. plant grown after cultivating Tuberose flowers of of white funnel to come 25 meters long There are. it’s a very lovely and aromatic flowers There are flowers from the cultivation of which are used in many fragrance corporations, for ornament in bouquets or in making garlands of flowers. These flowers enterprise can be done without a lot effort and upkeep.

Suitable water air and temperature for tuberose cultivation

Open plains are a superb place for the cultivation of these flowers, where they can get the correct quantity of daylight. Tuberose vegetation are not in a position to develop correctly in a shaded place, for this, scorching and humid areas where the temperature 20 diploma to 32 diploma Yes, the cultivation of this plant is superb in those locations, along with it 30 to 50 thousand Tuber hardiness zones 20X20 Cm distance can be elevated. The proper temperature and local weather are more important in the cultivation of tuberose, if the tuber of tuberose will get the proper setting, then the plant rising from it produces a lot better and more flowers.

Tuberculosis can be cultivated in what soil

Although tuberose can be cultivated in all sorts of soil, however for transplanting tuberose tuber fertile, loamy or loamy soil It is very helpful for its cultivation. Best suited for this cultivation pH degree 6.5 to 7.5 In which the tuber yield is a lot better, this business cultivation is principally done in states like Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu where soil of proper pH degree is discovered for cultivation.

Method of Rajanigandha Farming

First chosen recent ones for doing tuberose farming 2 cm or bigger tubers relying on the construction of these bulbs, they are planted in the fields. 20 to 30 cm on a line in 4 to eight cm Planting has to be done in the soil with ample quantity of moisture at an acceptable distance. Along with this, it will also be necessary to use the correct quantity of natural meals, pure fertilizers and so forth. in the planted soil, so that the plant can get vitamin to develop in the correct quantity only at the time of planting the tubers and they become vegetation on time and produce flowers. Can do It is also very important to irrigate the tubers at the proper time in the space planted for tuberose cultivation.

When will irrigation be done for tuberose cultivation

For tuberose cultivation if you 1200 to 1500 kg of tubers in 1 hectare space After planting, it is necessary to irrigate the fields instantly after that. Because these vegetation rising in the summer time season need moisture from time to time, which can be irrigated in the fields at an interval of seven to eight days throughout the summer time season, April to June, and throughout the winter season. Along with irrigation once in 10 to 12 days, weeding and weeding are also necessary from time to time.

(*5*)Crores of profit will be made from tuberose cultivation

After 4 to 5 months of the start of this cultivation, the vegetation start flowering, these flowers are well traded in the market, in which the size of the flower spines is more, for bouquets and garlands in the markets. And in weddings and events too, due to the excessive demand for these flowers for ornament, orders are taken on a giant scale, along with this, the perfume of these flowers is also used to make perfumes in the large fragrance industries, due to which their demand is made by corporations. By having more in it, you will be in a position to earn lakhs of rupees by cultivating tuberose.

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