Rs 3000 for boys and Rs 3500 for girls every month, apply like this


Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal YojanaThe state government has began the (*90*) Sambal Yojana to provide financial help to the unemployed youth of the state. Under the Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal Yojana, such youth of the state will get unemployment allowance, who are unemployed regardless of being educated. boys will get 3000 and girls Rs 3500 allowance every month. Know how to apply for Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal Yojana. What is the process of applying? Know what is the complete info.

Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Yojana: Rs 3000 for boys and Rs 3500 for girls every month, apply like this
Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal Yojana: Rs 3000 for boys and Rs 3500 for girls every month, apply like this

What is Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal Yojana

(*90*) Sambal Yojana has been began by the Rajasthan government for the youth of the state. Under this scheme, an allowance is offered to educated unemployed youth to meet their wants. For your info, allow us to inform you that the Government of Rajasthan has given to the girls of the state. Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal Yojana According to Rs.3500 and boys 3000 rupees giving. All the youth of the state can take benefit of this scheme. If the beneficiary will get a job after 2 years of taking the scheme, after that he will not be given the profit of the scheme. The Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal Yojana quantity will be paid to the beneficiaries immediately through the checking account.

who will be eligible

Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal Yojana To take benefit of the advantages, first the youth have to fulfill the eligibility now. Know what is this important eligibility –

  • Youth who are everlasting residents of Rajasthan state will be eligible to apply.
  • The youth of general category, SC, ST category will be eligible to apply.
  • Youth with annual income much less than 2 lakhs can apply.
  • The youth of 21 to 30 years of general category can apply.
  • The youth of 21 to 35 years of SC, ST Varsag can apply.
  • Only two members of the family can apply for the scheme.

This is the required doc

Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal Yojana You will need some important documents to apply. Know which documents will be required to fill the application form –

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Bhamahshah Card
  3. Basic handle proof
  4. income certificate
  5. checking account passbook
  6. caste certificate
  7. Marksheet (tenth, Graduation)
  8. passport dimension photo
  9. mobile number

will get so a lot revenue every month

Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal Yojana Under Rajasthan government every month girls Rs.3500 And the boys will be given 3000 rupees. All the beneficiaries will be paid the profit quantity given under the scheme immediately through their checking account.

How to apply for Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal Yojana

Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal Yojana ,Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal YojanaOfficial website to apply Online application can be made by visiting Know what is the whole process

  • Firstly visit the official website.
  • Click on Jobseekers possibility on the house page.
  • Apply for Unemployment Allowance Click on
  • Complete the registration process.
  • After that login.
  • Application form will open.
  • Fill the info requested in the form.
  • Upload all the required documents online.
  • In this manner you can apply for Rajasthan (*90*) Sambal Yojana.

Rajasthan government will give scooty for free, apply like this

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