Pension KYC Kese Kare – Must Know How to do Pension KYC


Pension KYC Many amenities and schemes are began by the central and state government for the citizens of the nation. Some of which are also for the needy in which various pension schemes come. Let us inform you that primarily three sorts of pension scheme are run by the government. Such as – Old Age Pension Scheme, Divyang Pension Scheme and Widow Pension Scheme. If you are taking benefit of any of these pension schemes, then you have to first complete your pension KYC process.

Required Pension KYC (Pension KYC

Pension KYC has now been made mandatory for all the beneficiaries. any pensioner beneficiary Pension KYC If he does not complete the process, then the pension he will get every month will be stopped. According to the directions issued by the government to the pensioner beneficiaries, it will be necessary for them to get the pension uninterruptedly. Pension KYC complete the process. It has been necessary to do this as a result of many of the beneficiaries who have died, pension was nonetheless being transferred in their accounts. Therefore, from now on all the beneficiaries will have to get the pension verification done. So that only the eligible beneficiaries can get its profit.

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Pension KYC Kese Kare

for your comfort Pension KYC Explaining the whole process. You can complete your KYC process by following this.

  • First of all you have to visit the official website of Pension Schemes.
  • On the dwelling page, you have to select the sort of your pension.
  • after this you applicant login Will have to do
  • After this the login window will open on your display screen.
  • Select your pension here.
  • After that enter your registration number, after that you have to enter your mobile number.
  • Finally click on Send OTP. After this OTP will come on your registered number. Which you have to enter the OTP at the designated place.
  • After that you enter the captcha code proven on the display screen and Login Click on the button.
  • Now your login process will be accomplished.
  • After this the dashboard will open on your display screen.
  • here to you aadhar verification Click on the possibility.
  • After that enter your Aadhar card number. and confirm.
  • In this approach your verification process will be accomplished.

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