Now you can get pension without job, know how



The National Pension Scheme was began by the Central Government in the year 2004. Through this scheme, a citizen can make preparations to meet his financial wants in his previous age. Yes, this scheme secures the previous age of the citizens. All citizens can be benefited through the National Pension Scheme. For your info, allow us to inform you that earlier this scheme was only for government workers, which has since been opened to all the citizens of the nation. By investing in it, now any individual can get his pension in previous age.

National Pension Scheme: Now you can get pension without job, know how
National Pension Scheme: Now you can get pension without job, know how

National Pension Scheme

If you also need to make investments for your retirement now, then National Pension Scheme can show to be a better choice for you too. Through this scheme, if you start investing as soon as you start your job, then you do not need to fear about your previous age. In this scheme, you can get a fund up to Rs 34 lakh at the time of retirement. In this scheme you do not even need to make investments a lot, you can deposit only 50 rupees per day.

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National Pension Scheme Now all citizens can take advantages under this. As we instructed that earlier this scheme was began only for government workers however now it has been made available for all other citizens also. Let us inform you that there are 4 sectors in the National Pension Scheme through which citizens can open their accounts.

The first is the central government in which all government workers can open their accounts. The second is the state government in which the state government workers will open the account. The third is the company sector which is meant for the workers related with the personal / personal sector. The last one is the All Citizen mannequin in which you can open your personal NPS account.

Get Rs.34 lakhs on day by day investment of Rs.50

If you start investing in NPS from the age of 25, then accordingly you have to make investments for the next 35 years until you flip 60. According to Rs 50 per day, your month-to-month investment will be Rs 1500. And in the next 35 years the whole deposit quantity will be 6.30 lakhs. Now you will get curiosity of Rs 27.9 lakh on this investment quantity (Rs 6.30 lakh). In this means the whole deposit quantity of your pension will be Rs 34.19 lakh. Not only this, you will also make tax financial savings of up to Rs 1.89 lakh on this. So in this means you can earn 34 lakh rupees on simply 50 rupees per day investment.

The particular factor about this scheme is that when you come in previous age, you will get NPS ( National Pension Scheme ) can withdraw 60 p.c of the quantity invested. which is almost 20 lakh 51 thousand rupees, Not only this, the remaining quantity can be taken as pension every month under the annuity scheme. On which if the government offers curiosity of up to 8%, then you can get a pension of Rs 9000 per month.

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