Now travel in train with platform ticket, know these rules of railways


Indian Railways New RulesNew rules have been applied by the Indian Railways for all the passengers touring by train. On the foundation of these rules issued by the Indian Railways, now citizens have been offered with particular services associated to travel. According to these new rules, passengers can travel without a ticket. This particular facility has been made available by the Indian Railways for its passengers, allow us to know about the rules issued by the Railway Department that how passengers can travel without a ticket.

Indian Railways New Rules: Now travel in train with platform ticket
Now travel in train with platform ticket

Indian Railways New Rules

To travel by train, passengers have to take reservation a number of months in advance. Two varieties of rules have been made for taking reservation. The first which is ticket reservation which can be booked through the window and the second which can be booked online. In such a scenario, any passenger has to face difficulties in reserving train tickets when he abruptly has to travel by train due to some cause. In such a scenario, passengers have the possibility of tatkal tickets to e book train tickets. But as we speak we have introduced such info for you in which you can now travel on platform ticket under Tatkal ticket.

Now travel in train with platform ticket

If you have a platform ticket, then you can travel by train, for this you simply have to complete some process. Due to lack of reservation, now you do not need to panic if you board the train with a platform ticket. According to the new rules, now passengers can easily get their tickets made by going to the ticket checker. Now the facility has been offered to the passengers to e book tickets on the foundation of platform tickets.

Platform ticket serves as a mandatory doc for passengers to travel on the foundation of which they are eligible to board the train. The passenger is required to pay the fare from the same station from where the platform ticket has been taken by him. With this, if the train is missed, then your sheet cannot be allotted to any other passenger through the ticket checker until the next 2 stations. But if you are not ready to catch your train until two stations, then your sheet can be allotted by TTE.

Know this rule of railway

Before touring, all vacationers should be conscious of the rules of travel. Many occasions, in case of non-availability of sheets, TTE can refuse the passenger to provide the reserve sheet however cannot cease the traveller. In case of non-reservation, a penalty of only Rs.250 can be collected from the passenger. All passengers should be conscious of the rules of travel for touring by railways.

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