Now the government will make a digital record of the land, all the details of the land will be available from this number


Digital Land RecordFinance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, whereas presenting the budget on February 1, 2022, has said through her speech that the government desires to speed up digitization to join the entire nation through digital medium. In order to join the whole nation through digital medium, many bulletins have been made by the Finance Minister in the budget 2022-23. To enhance this digitization, it has been said in the budget to create a digital record of the land. So allow us to know what advantages will be available to the citizens of the nation due to the availability of digital land information facility, under which number they will be in a position to easily get the details associated to their land. On the foundation of the data given below, you can see what has been introduced for the tempo of Dilization in the Financial Budget 2022-23.

Digital Land Record

Digital Land Record: Now the government will make a digital record of the land, all the details of the land will be available from this number
Digital Land Record

Presenting the budget for the financial year 2022-23 by Finance Minister Nirmala Sita Raman ji, it has now been introduced to prepare a digital record of the land of the nation. Based on this process, the tempo of digitization in the nation will get a new look. The government will take the help of IP based mostly expertise for digital land information. In the budget of the financial year 2022, the goal of finishing digitization of land information has been set by 2023. The Finance Minister has said that digital information will be ready only on the foundation of land papers.

Digital record of land will be made

Under One Nation One Registration, now a unique registration number will also be issued for the lands under the central government. The government is preparing for issuing the Aadhaar number of the land. Creating a digital record of lands will deliver many advantages. On the foundation of this process, the land will be distributed under the 3C formulation. Budget 2022 states that all information will be centralized through this program. For digital land information, the land will be measured by drone, there is no risk of any mistake in this.

Preparations are being made by the government to give Unique Registered Number-URN for digital information to the lands, for this this registration number of 14 digits can be issued. On the foundation of this unique number issued by the government, citizens can see all the land information online. On the foundation of this process, as a lot as it will be easy to get the land papers, it will be easier to get the advantages of various schemes launched by the government for the farmers. Because by using this digital URN number only eligible farmer particular person will be useful in getting the profit of the scheme.

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