Now banks will open at a new time, as well as this special facility to customers


RBI’s huge announcementA significant change has been made in the opening hours of the nation’s banks through the Reserve Bank of India. Now a new guideline has been issued relating to the timing of banks. Banks will open at a new time from April 18. Along with this, RBI has also offered a facility to the customers relating to ATMs. The opening hours of banks will be modified on the foundation of RBI’s huge announcement. It is in the state of Uttar Pradesh All banks and all international locations Quite a bit of changes are being made relating to the opening hours of banks. Let us know what other services have been made available from the time of opening of banks.


RBI’s huge announcement Now banks will open at new time

Under the announcement made through the Reserve Bank of India, now from April 18, 2022, banks will open from 9 am. This change has been made so that financial institution customers can get most time to do financial institution associated work. According to earlier, now all banks will open at 9 am as a substitute of (*90*) am. This change has been made only in the opening hours of banks. No change has been made in the financial institution closing timings. Banks will be closed at 5 o’clock from their personal time.

Also, this special facility to the customers

According to RBI, customers have been given a special facility to transact from ATMs. In which now the facility of transaction will be made available to the customers from cardless ATMs. This facility is being offered so that the crimes associated to card fraud can be lowered. Banks and their customers will soon be in a position to use the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) ATM withdrawal facility going to give Based on this facility, the process of RBI cardless transactions will be promoted. Now the facility of withdrawing cash from all banks and ATMs will be made available through UPI.

The facility of cardless transactions will make transactions easier. Also, there will be a discount in fraud associated to ATMs. Cardless transactions will also help in stopping many frauds like card cloning, card theft and many more. This has been introduced under RBI in order to provide a better and safer service to the customers.

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