Nitin Gadkari’s big announcement, there will be no toll tax before 60 kms, know in detail


(*60*)Nitin Gadkari’s big announcementA big announcement has been made by the Union Road Transport Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari ji relating to toll tax. There is a nice information for the folks touring on the National Highway. On the foundation of this announcement made by the Union Minister, now new guidelines relating to toll tax are going to be applied soon. So let’s know what has been introduced by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari ji relating to toll tax.

(*3*)Nitin Gadkari’s big announcement

(*60*)The Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways has been dealt with by Nitin Gadkari since the year 2014. During these 8 years, the finest development work in India has been done on roads. Out of which many highways constructed in the nation have made journey very easy. Due to these, once once more Union Minister Nitin Gadkari is in discussions relating to toll tax.

(*60*)A big resolution has been taken by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari ji relating to the National Highway Toll Tax, in which it has been said that no toll tax will have to be paid for the journey of 60 km. This new rule relating to toll tax will be applied soon. All tolls below 60 kms will be abolished. For this, info has been given by the Union Minister relating to the native folks that the Aadhar card primarily based e-pass will be made for the native folks to pass the toll in their space.

No toll tax will be levied before 60 kms, know in detail

(*60*)Generally, toll tax is levied only for a distance of more than 60 kms. If toll tax is being charged for much less than this distance, then tax can be collected from you according to the distance. There are also some components to take toll tax like bridge, bypass, tunnel, width of freeway and various other situations.

(*60*)To accumulate toll tax, it has been said by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari that there should be a toll plaza within 60 kms. Although this is nonetheless not the case in many locations, however according to the info given by them in the Lok Sabha, it has been said that within 3 months or so it will be ensured that there is a toll plaza within 60 km. Special passes will be made for the native folks in this regard.

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What is Toll Tax?

(*60*)Roads and highways are the property of any nation. So a lot of cash is spent to manufacture them. It prices a lot to construct a National Highway/Expressway. Tax is collected from the folks to recover the cost of street development. Along with this, tax is also collected for its upkeep and cleanliness. Once the cost of the freeway is recovered, the toll tax turns into 40 % which is used for upkeep.

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