Many benefits will not be available without e-nomination, know these new rules


EPFO e NominationE-nomination EPFO ​​e-nomination has been made mandatory for all its subscribers through Employees’ Provident Fund Organization. If you are also an EPFO ​​subscriber and (*90*) process of e-nomination has not been accomplished, then you cannot get (*90*) benefits of various services associated to EPFO. By finishing (*90*) process of EPFO ​​e-nomination, you can get (*90*) profit of various services available, if you do not complete (*90*) process of e-nomination, then you cannot check PF stability.

EPFO e Nomination

EPFO e-Nomination: Many benefits will not be available without e-nomination, know these new rules
EPFO e-Nomination

Under (*90*) Employees Provident Fund, it has been given to all its subscribers a number of occasions under tweet that they can complete their e-nomination process. If you do not file EPFO ​​e-nomination then you will be disadvantaged of getting many benefits. It is necessary for EPFO ​​subscribers to file e-nomination.

Many benefits will not be available without e-nomination

Many new rules have been applied for EPFO ​​subscribers not submitting e-nomination through Employees’ Provident Fund Organization. In which subscribers cannot entry EPF passbook if they do not file e-nomination. E-nomination is necessary to view EPF passbook.

The facility of nomination has been made available to give (*90*) data of (*90*) nominee under EPFO. EPFO subscribers can enroll on (*90*) foundation of this facility. So that by making other members of (*90*) household as nominees, their future can be made safe. You can nominate more than one particular person for nomination.

How to do EPFO ​​e-Nomination

  • To do EPFO ​​e-nomination, visit (*90*) website of
  • In (*90*) Services section of (*90*) house page of (*90*) website, click on FOR EMPLOYEES.
  • After that click on Member UAN/Online Service (OCS/OTCP) choice.
  • In (*90*) new tab login with UAN and password.
  • Now go to Manage tab and choose e-nomination, now save it when Provide Details seems.
  • After that click on YES for household declaration.
  • Now click on add household details, here you can add more than one nominee.
  • For (*90*) whole quantity share, click on Nomination Details and then choose Save EPF Nomination.
  • Now click on E-sign to confirm OTP.
  • In this method you can file EPFO ​​e-nomination.

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