Make your retirement better with simple pension plan, apply like this


SBI Life Saral Pension Scheme: This is a one time investment plan under which you have to deposit the lumpsum quantity in one go. After this, you will start getting common pension instantly. This is an fast annuity plan, under which you can take benefit of this pension scheme instantly. SBI Life Saral Pension Scheme has no relation with share market or fairness market and does not carry any form of threat. This is a lifetime plan under which you will get pension all through your life. Investment under Saral Pension Plan Minimum limit is 1000 rupees But there is no most limit under this, which means you can make investments as a lot as you need.

SBI Life Saral Pension Scheme: Make your retirement better with simple pension plan, apply like this
SBI Life Saral Pension Scheme: Make your retirement better with simple pension plan, apply like this

These two choices are available under the scheme

if you Saral Pension Plan If so, you will get two choices, out of which you can select according to your comfort. is the first of these Single Annuity Plan and the other is Joint Annuity Plan.

Single Annuity PlanIn this, the subscriber will proceed to get pension all through his life. Also, after the loss of life of the subscriber, the base quantity invested by him will be returned to his nominee.

Joint Annuity Plan: In this choice also, the subscriber will get pension all through his life. But the only distinction is that after the loss of life of the coverage holder, this pension will be given to his/her partner. Let us inform you that there will be no distinction in the pension quantity. The partner will also get the same quantity as the policyholder. And even after the loss of life of the partner, the base quantity of the scheme will be given to their nominee.

These folks will be ready to take this pension scheme

SBI Life Saral Pension Scheme Any individual whose age at the time of entry into the scheme (Minimum Age at the entry) Minimum 40 years and most 80 years that this Saral Pension Plan can purchase. For info, allow us to inform you that no one can take this scheme in the identify of any other individual.

Policy Term

Saral Pension Plan The individual shopping for this pension will proceed to get this pension for the relaxation of his life. Also, under this pension scheme, you will have to select for your self that when will you get the pension. That is, at what interval do you need your wage. For this you have whole 4 choices. such as pension every month need or In three months (Quarterly) Once 6 months once in a whereas or you year spherical I need to take the pension quantity once. It relies upon on your resolution. For your info, allow us to inform you that as soon as you purchase your coverage, you will start getting the pension quantity on the foundation of the period set by you.

(*90*) can be withdrawn in case of critical sickness

If the coverage holder suffers any critical sickness then he can get his a reimbursement. Due to this provision, what you have done whereas taking the coverage Base Payment You will get again 95% of the quantity you had done. Let us inform you that whereas taking the coverage, you will be given a crucial listing, out of which if the shopper has any illness then he can apply to get his a reimbursement.

Loan facility available under the coverage

You can also take a mortgage under this coverage. How a lot mortgage quantity will you get, it will rely on how a lot is your pension quantity? One year curiosity on the mortgage taken by you (Annual Interest) You will get full year pension (Annual Pension) should be half of or much less than that.

These documents will be required

At the time of applying for Saral Pension Plan, you will need these documents – Aadhar Card, Permanent Residence Certificate, Income Certificate, Age Proof, PAN Card, Bank Details, Passport Size Photo and Mobile Number of the applicant.

apply like this

Nearest you to apply SBI LIC Visit the department/workplace of By going there you can fill the application form of the respective scheme. Apart from this, you can also apply through online mode.

  • to you first SBI LIC You have to go to the official website of.
  • Now you have to click on Saral Pension Yojana.
  • After that you have to fill all the info requested in the application form.
  • Finally upload the required documents and submit it.

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