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Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card If your Aadhaar linked number has been lost someplace or you have modified it due to any purpose. So you have to register your new number in your Aadhar card also. If you do not do this then you may face many problems associated to receiving OTP. Because if you need OTP in the work associated to your Aadhaar number, then you get it through the mobile number and email ID linked with Aadhaar. In such a state of affairs, if your mobile number is not updated with Aadhaar, then your work can cease.

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Update Mobile Number in Aadhar Card : Easy way to update

If the number registered with your Aadhaar card has been lost or you have modified it, then you can update the new number.

  1. First of all visit your nearest Enrollment or Update Center.
  2. Here you have to fill the Aadhar Card Correction Form.
  3. Now enter the mobile number you need to update in the form.
  4. Submit the form after making corrections.
  5. Now you have to complete the process of biometrics for verification.
  6. After processing the biometrics, the government will give you a receipt, which comprises a request number (URN).
  7. You can use this request number (URN) to check the standing of update in Aadhaar.
  8. For this you may have to pay a fee of 30 to 50 rupees.

Note : Your mobile number will be updated in Aadhaar’s database within 90 days ,

For your info, allow us to inform you that you can change your mobile number registered with your Aadhar card as many instances as you need. For this you have to pay the fee every time.

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