Know what is Pay Matrix, which will increase salary! Know how you will get benefit?


7th Pay Commission Pay Level 3: Let me inform you that since 7th pay fee Since its implementation, many changes have been seen. Now pay matrix has a very important position in the wage of central workers. Do you know that earlier the standing of workers was done on the foundation of grade pay. The wage growth of the worker was decided according to the grade pay. Let us know what is the pay matrix which will increase the wage.

what is pay matrix

Let us point out that Pay Matrix is ​​a document chart of wage limit. It is used whereas altering the wage construction of central government workers. Commons are divided on the foundation of wage degree and rank in the pay matrix. In this, the workers will be ready to see the complete information of increase in wage up to 40 years of their life.

Now the wage of the workers will be mounted on the foundation of pay matrix

Yes, after the implementation of 7th pay fee, now the wage of the workers will be decided on the foundation of pay matrix. The primary pay construction is decided from the Pay Matrix Level 3 under the seventh watan. This primary construction begins from Rs 21,700 and goes up to Rs 69,100 with 40 increments. Know how:

If a particular person is working in the publish of postman in the publish workplace in Delhi and he comes under Pay Matrix Level 3. The primary wage of that particular person is Rs 21,700, so allow us to know what will be the complete wage of that worker.

  • Level and GP : Level 3 (GP-2000)
  • Location- Delhi
  • Basic Pay: Rs 21,700
  • DA (As per Dearness Allowance 31%) : 21,700*31% – Rs 6727
  • House Rent Allowance (as per 27%) : 21,700*27% – Rs 5859
  • Traveling Allowance : (Level 3/A1 City) – Rs 4716
  • Total Salary : (21,700 + 6727 + 5859 + 4716 ) – Rs 39,002 per month

(*3*)Minimum wage of workers Rs 18000

After the implementation of 7th Pay Commission, now the primary wage of entry degree government workers has been elevated from Rs 7000 to Rs 18,000. After which the calculation of wage will now be done according to the primary construction 18 thousand. With this, the class 1 officer will now get the minimum wage up to 56,100.

Calculation is done through tables

Let us inform you that its calculation is done through the desk. Separate pay matrix has been ready for Defense Forces, Civilian Personnel and Military Nursing Services. On the foundation of which the wage of all these workers is ready.

Good News! In addition to DA of central employees, HRA increased by Rs 20,160, read in detail

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