If there is no hallmark on gold, then it is real or fake identify it like this


gold purityIf you are also planning to purchase gold throughout the wedding ceremony season, then you should know some important issues associated to the purity of gold. As you would know, now only hallmarked gold can be offered in the market. But nonetheless, if a shopkeeper cannot cheat you, for this it is necessary that you take care of some particular issues. This will help you to differentiate between real and fake gold. We are telling here some methods through which you can purchase real and fake gold (gold purity) You will be in a position to perceive the distinction. Along with this, it will also help you to avoid any fraud. Let us now know about the methods by which you can avoid fake gold.

How to identify whether gold is real or fake (purity of gold)?

You have to take some precautions to know whether the gold is real or fake. Whenever you go to the goldsmith’s store to purchase gold, first of all you must see the BIS mark on the Vastu of gold. This hallmark will be on any gold Vastu, that is the real gold. This mark is put on the gold after testing it. Hallmarked accuracy is assured. The original hallmark bears the triangular mark of the Bureau of Indian Standards and the purity of the gold is written on it along with the emblem of the Hallmarking Center. However, those who do not have this mark, you can check their correctness by the approach given here.

  • With the help of vinegar: You can also check the purity of gold with the help of vinegar. For this, you have to put a few drops of vinegar on your gold jewellery. If the colour of gold changes, it means that there is adulteration in gold. Whereas if there is no distinction, then it tells that the gold is pure.
  • With the help of water: For this, fill a vessel with water. Now put the gold object in it. If gold is real, it will instantly sink in water, no matter how mild it is. If it is adulterated, it will take time to sink.
  • Acid Test: For this, you have to make a slight scratch on the gold. Put a drop of nitric acid on it. If the colour of gold changes to inexperienced then gold is adulterated. Whereas there will be no change in real gold.
  • Magnet Test: If gold is real, then it does not stick to the magnet and stays ineffective. Whereas if there is any adulteration in it, then it will be attracted in the direction of the magnet.

So these were some dwelling strategies through which you can do your personal gold test (purity of gold).

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