History and importance of Gudi Padwa, this time it will be celebrated on this day


Gudi Padwa 2022: The various tradition of our nation and the festivals or festivals related with them have their personal specialties, one of which is the pageant celebrated with nice pomp in Maharashtra. give a hug, This is a pageant with which many tales of Sanatan Dharma are related. According to Hindu faith, the new year begins on Gudi Padwa with Pratipada of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month and Chaitra Navratri also begins on this day. This pageant is recognized by completely different names in completely different states of India like Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, Telangana Ugadi and Ugadi in Karnataka. Let us know what is this Gudi Padwa, its historical past and its importance.

What is the historical past of Gudi Padwa

The Gudi Padwa pageant, in which Gudi means victory flag, is marked in completely different spiritual and socially completely different types behind the celebration of this pageant. It is a perception of Gudi Padwa pageant, that on this day Brahma ji had created the universe, due to which this pageant is also thought-about as the first day of the world. According to the legend believed about Gudi Padwa, throughout the time of Lord Shri Ram, King Bali was ruling in South India in Satyuga. At this time when Lord Shri Ram reached in the direction of South India to free Mother Sita from Ravana in the direction of Lanka, he met Sugriva, brother of Bali, where Sugriva advised Shri Ram about the mismanagement and injustice of Bali in the kingdom. He sought the help of the individuals to escape from his oppression. After which Shri Ram killed Bali and freed the individuals from the terror of Bali.

This day was the day of Pratipada of the fee fortnight of Chaitra month, on this day individuals fortunately hoisted the victory flag in the homes and celebrated as Rangoli in the homes. From this day until right now, Gudi Padava i.e. victory flag is celebrated in completely different states of the nation including Maharashtra.

Know the importance of Gudi Padwa

It is believed in the mythology concerning the pageant of Gudi Padwa that worshiping Gudi or the saffron flag on this day brings happiness and peace in the home, there is also a observe of worshiping the solar on this day. It is also believed in the tales associated to this day that on this day the Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji celebrated the pageant of Gudi Padwa as a victory flag after successful the battle with the enemies. Since then this pageant is celebrated every year with nice pomp.

On this day, there is a custom of consuming neem leaves in many locations of Maharashtra, which is believed to remedy many ailments, along with this, individuals take out a procession by hoisting the Gudi flag in their houses, carrying garments of Marathi tradition. . On the day of this pageant, individuals make many scrumptious dishes like Puranpoli, Coconut Sweets, Shrikhand, Sabudana Vada, Aamras, Gulab Jamun, Bhajiya, Modak Celebrates with nice pomp by making and so forth.

Know this time the proper time to have a good time Gudi Padwa pageant

According to the date of rise this year, Gudi halt 02 April 2022 Pratipada date will be celebrated on Friday, April 1 in the day 11 hrs 53 minutes and the next day 2 April Saturday 11:58 am Will last until Amrit Siddhi Yoga and Sevartha Siddhi Yoga are also being shaped in the pageant celebrated on this day on 02 April, which are thought-about very auspicious and fruitful.

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