Government will give 2100 rupees for filling electricity bills online, know what is the process


How to pay electricity invoice online: If you also pay frequently through digital means, then you will also be given a mortgage by the government. (*90*) prize of Rs 2,100 Can get it. Yes, lately the Haryana government has began this initiative to promote digital funds in rural areas. by Haryana Government To promote digital payment in rural areas A plan has been made to give incentive on online electricity invoice payment. For this, the customers will have to pay the electricity bills frequently through online mode, after which they will be given by the department. Rs 2,100 prize Will be given. Only individuals of rural areas can take benefit of this scheme. Provided they pay their bills through online mode.

Electricity Bill: Government will give Rs 2100 on filling electricity bill online, know what is the process
Electricity Bill: Government will give Rs 2100 on filling electricity invoice online

Digital funds will get a increase

On the traces of city areas, Haryana government is operating two new schemes to promote digital funds in rural areas as well. Under this, info has been given by the Managing Director of the Corporation of Northern and Southern Electricity Distribution of Haryana that the customers who pay their electricity frequently within the stipulated date will be given Rs 2,100 as a reward by the department. Along with this, Managing Director PC Meena has appealed to the prospects to pay the electricity invoice through online medium.

Pay electricity invoice online in these methods

To the electricity customers of rural areas all their pay electricity invoice online The payment will have to be made through online mode. They can use Credit Card, Debit Card, BHIM UPI, Net Banking and other digital medium. Also, they can also pay their bills by using digital platforms like online payment wallets such as Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe. For the first time, a cashback of Rs 20 will be given to them on payment of bills through these mediums. After this, on additional payment, they can get up to Rs 2,100.

Gram Panchayats will also get rewards

Let us inform you that under this scheme, more than 90% electricity bills are paid by the government to the panchayats through online medium. Prize cash up to Rs 2 lakh will be given. Whichever panchayat will fill more than 90 % of electricity invoice digitally through digital means, this quantity will be given by the company, as well as more than 90 % of that panchayat’s electricity invoice should be paid.

This cash can be used by the Panchayats for the works of public growth and development work in the villages. With this marketing campaign, digital transactions will improve in the villages as well.

Will get a prize of Rs 2100

According to the officers, 5 customers who make common digital invoice funds will be chosen by the government from every sub-division. For this, the program will be organized at any public place like school, chaupal, panchayat, or group center in the village involved. After this, all the customers will be given info about payment in digital means as well as they will also be made conscious of its advantages. In this program, 5 customers who pay bills through lottery will be chosen and they will be given a prize of Rs 2,100. This will give a increase to digital funds in rural areas

With this scheme of the government, everyone will get electricity for free, take advantage soon

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