Government will give 1500 rupees to farmers to buy smartphones, read the full plan


Kisan Smartphone Scheme Gujarat government for the farmers of its state Kisan Smartphone Scheme has began. Under this scheme, all the farmer brothers of the state are going to get 1500 rupees for shopping for smartphones from the government. What is Kisan Smartphone Scheme (Kisan Smartphone Yojana), And how to use Kisan Smartphone Scheme? Know what is the complete info associated to the Kisan Smartphone Scheme by studying the following info –

What is Kisan Smartphone Scheme

According to the round issued by the Farmers Welfare and Cooperation Department of Gujarat Kisan Smartphone Scheme (Kisan Smartphone Yojana) Only for farmers. The profit of this scheme will be available to all the landholder farmers of Gujarat. Under the scheme, 1500 rupees will be supplied for shopping for smartphones from the government. The stability quantity will be paid by the farmers to buy the smartphone. Only one farmer beneficiary of the household will get the profit of the scheme, equally only one farmer of the joint household will get the profit of the scheme.

1500 rupees will come in the account

After applying for the Kisan Smartphone Scheme, the application approval has to be waited. As soon as the functions of the farmers are accepted, after that the farmers have to submit the cellphone buy invoice, IMEI number, a canceled check and other necessary documents to the involved department. After submitting all these documents, the documents will be verified and after that 1500 rupees will be transferred to the beneficiary farmer’s account.

Will not get cash for these issues

For info, allow us to inform you that the department has already clarified about this that Kisan Smartphone Scheme (Kisan Smartphone Yojana) Under this, only 10 % (Rs 1500) of the buy of the smartphone will be available to the farmers. Apart from this, farmers will not be given any cash for mobile charger, energy financial institution or earphones and so forth. With the farmers having their personal smartphone, they can get complete info about the finest sort of seed, climate forecast, and so forth.

Farmers will be ready to use smartphones in these works

Farmers can do better work for agricultural improvement by getting info associated to agricultural improvement through smartphones. Through the cellphone, all the farmers can take benefit of the government schemes being run by the government for the profit of the farmers. To take benefit of these schemes, farmers will be ready to fill the application form sitting at dwelling through cellphone.

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