Government is giving improved bamboo plants on subsidy, farmers should apply online like this


Bamboo Subsidy Yojana: The supply of fundamental income of farmers in our nation is their agriculture. But due to the changes in the climate in the last few years, the farmers are very nervous about agriculture. In such a scenario, subsidy is now supplied by the government to the farmers for cultivating bamboo. If farmers domesticate bamboo, then they 50 thousand rupees subsidy will be given. To encourage the cultivation of bamboo in the nation by the government National Bamboo Mission is being run. under which subsidy to farmers (Bamboo Subsidy Yojana) It is being given so that more and more farmers are attracted in direction of it.

Government is giving advanced bamboo plants on subsidy, farmers should apply online like this - Bamboo Subsidy Yojana
Government is giving superior bamboo plants on subsidy, farmers should apply online like this – Bamboo Subsidy Yojana

What is National Bamboo Mission– Bamboo Subsidy Yojana

The National Bamboo Mission is being run by the government to encourage farmers to take up bamboo cultivation. Under this mission, at present in the nation 125 indigenous and 11 unique species consisting of complete 136 bamboo species are. National Bamboo Mission On cultivating bamboo to all farmers under 50000 Rs. subsidy will be given. Not only this, the small farmers should be given the cost of every bamboo. 120 rupees subsidy on the plant will be given. So that the shortfall in bamboo cultivation from the last few years can be met. (*90*), in right this moment’s time, the bamboo items that we import from Bangkok, Thailand and China can all be made in their personal nation. With this, the income of our nation will also enhance and self-reliance will also enhance.

India is the second largest nation in the cultivation of bamboo

Yes. Our nation comes second in the cultivation of bamboo in the world. In the first place in this matter is China. every year in our nation 13.96 million tonnes of bamboo is produced. As we already know that for the cultivation of bamboo, no particular land is required, due to which it is easy to domesticate it wherever.

What are the advantages of planting bamboo

  • Planting bamboo plants does not require any particular sort of land or any particular upkeep.
  • Farmers can harvest it after 4 years. Even after that it retains on growing.
  • Its lifespan is round 40 to 50 years. Gives revenue of 3 to 4 lakhs every year.
  • Today many important gadgets are made of bamboo, due to which its demand also will increase.
  • In the coming time also, its demand will not lower, due to which the income of the farmers will also be doubled.

How to do Bamboo Subsidy Yojana application

All farmers to get bamboo saplings Kisan Forest Division Officer can contact. After this, they will be given improved bamboo plants. Farmers can plant them in their fields at the acceptable distance. Along with these plants, they can also plant other plants or grass and so forth. for animal feed.

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