Good news for employees again! Salary will increase quickly, this is the new plan of the government


7th Pay Commission Good News: Government employees are going to get another good news in the new year. First of all, after getting Dearness Allowance (DA), HRA and TA promotion, now all the employees are going to profit once once more. Yes, the government can once more increase the wage of government employees by next year. By which employees can get a nice reward in the new year.

7th Pay Commission Good News: Good news for the employees again!  Salary will increase quickly, this is the new plan of the government
7th Pay Commission Good News

Good news for employees once more!

The next year can start with a good news for the government employees. According to the news coming in the media experiences as we speak, then soon at the starting of next year, the government may increase the fitment issue of the employees under the central state government. If there is an increase in their fitment issue, then along with the increase in the fitment issue, the minimum wages of central employees (CG employees) will also increase.

government is contemplating

For your info, allow us to inform you that there has been a demand for a long time by the employees under the Central Government and the State Government that their Fitment Factor should be elevated now. Let us inform that the fitment issue of central and state government employees is 2.57 %, which is being demanded to increase from 2.57 % to 3.68 %. It is expected that the resolution associated to the fitment issue of government employees will come before the budget to be released on February 1, 2022. After which it is easy that the minimum wage quantity of the employees will also increase. And due to this, the wage of all the employees will increase utterly.

may be included in the budget draft

The demand for increase in the fitment issue of central employees may be accepted by the Union Cabinet. As expected, if this resolution is accepted by the cupboard, then it can be included in the expenditure/expenditure of the budget. If this approval is obtained before the budget, then it will not need to be included in the budget draft. However, everybody is nonetheless hoping that it can be accepted soon.

Salary can increase so a lot

If approval is given to increase the fitment issue (Central government worker fitment issue), then it will lead to a substantial increase in the wage of government employees. As we know that due to increase in fitment issue, the minimum wage of the employees will also increase. In such a scenario, if this increase occurs, then all the employees will get its profit. Let us inform you that at present the fitment issue is 2.57 %. Which is being thought-about to be elevated to 3.68 %. If this increase occurs, then there will be a direct increase of Rs 8000 in the minimum wage of the employees. Which means the minimum wage which is Rs 18000 will increase to Rs 26,000. Similarly, those whose wage is more than 18 thousand rupees, their wage will increase accordingly.

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