Get this important work done before December 31, the government will give the benefit of so much money


EPFO: Through the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization, it has been suggested to the EPFO ​​subscribers that all citizens must do their e-nomination before December 31. If you do not file e-nomination, then you may lose lakhs in future. It is mandatory for EPFO ​​subscribers to complete this process to keep a safe future for the household. Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) supplies particular amenities to the job seekers. On the foundation (*90*) this facility, EPFO’s Subscribers are being given the facility to take Rs 7 lakh, If you are an EPFO ​​subscriber then you can easily get the benefit (*90*) this facility.

EPFO Subscribers E-Nomination

Employees Provident Fund Organization Under the scheme, all EPFO ​​subscribers have been supplied the facility to file e-nomination before December 31. On the foundation (*90*) epfo e nomination, EPFO ​​subscribers can get the advantages (*90*) various amenities. Under EPFO, it has been instructed to the subscribers that if this e-nomination process is not accomplished by them before the last date, then they may lose Rs 7 lakh in the coming time. To complete the process (*90*) e-nomination, one wants to fill the form, only after which all the amenities provided by EPFO ​​can be availed.

Features provided under EPFO

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization supplies PF and pension as well as life insurance coverage amenities to its members. On the foundation (*90*) this facility, the subscribers get advantages up to Rs.7 lakh. To take benefit (*90*) this service, they do not have to make any contribution (*90*) any type, that is, the benefit (*90*) this facility can be availed in free form. Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme, This facility is supplied to the EPFO ​​member under 1976 (EDLI). That is why it is necessary to complete the process (*90*) e-nomination to get various varieties (*90*) amenities.

How to do EPFO ​​Subscribers E-Nomination

  • To complete the process (*90*) EPFO ​​Subscribers e-nomination visit the official website (*90*)
  • On the house page (*90*) the website, click on the service possibility.
  • After this click on For Employees.
  • Select Member UAN / Online Service (OCS / OTCP).
  • After that complete the login process with UAN number and password.
  • After completion (*90*) the login process, choose e-nomination in the handle tab.
  • Now the Provide Details tab will appear in the display screen, click on the possibility (*90*) Save.
  • Click on the possibility (*90*) YES for household declaration replace.
  • Then click on Family Details. You can also add more than one nominee as per your comfort.
  • After filling all the details associated to the nominee, click on the save button.
  • Now click on EPF nomination. Simultaneously click on ‘e-Sign’ to generate OTP
  • Verify the OTP number acquired in Aadhaar linked mobile number and click on submit possibility.

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