Get solar panels installed on the roof of the house for free, here is the application process


UP Solar Rooftop Yojana: UP Solar Rooftop Yojana has been began by the central government to promote solar vitality in the nation. Through this scheme, all the citizens will be supplied the facility of putting in solar panels on the roof of their homes free of cost. Under this scheme, the government will give subsidy to set up solar panels so that more and more individuals can take benefit of this scheme. Let us now know about this scheme in element.

UP Solar Rooftop Yojana

launched by the government of India Solar Rooftop Scheme Through this, the government is motivating more and more individuals to use solar vitality. Solar Rooftop Yojana Through this, not only the citizens will get subsidy from the government, however by putting in solar panels, they will get free electrical energy for 19 -20 years. To get the advantages of this solar rooftop scheme, citizens will have to apply online by visiting the official website, after which they can get solar panels installed on the roof of their house. Let us inform you that the government goals to obtain 100 GW of solar energy capability by the year 2022, out of which up to 40 GW of vitality will be obtained from these solar panel schemes.

(*3*)This is the specialty of the plan

if a citizen UP Solar Rooftop Yojana Under this scheme, if you set up a solar plant on the roof of your house, establishment or workplace, then the plant produces electrical energy for at least 25 years. If seen, aside from getting subsidy in the whole cost of putting in a solar plant, its cost is met for the next 4 to 5 years. After which the beneficiary will get free electrical energy for the next 19 -20 years. Apart from being a renewable vitality supply, it is also surroundings pleasant.

will get so a lot subsidy

The subsidy under the scheme will be supplied by the central government to the government, social, residential and institutional sectors. Under this scheme the government Up to 40% off rooftop solar panels up to 3 kW giving subsidy. Where more than 3 kW and Up to 20 p.c subsidy for setting up solar crops up to 10 kW will be given.

Here is the application process

if you too UP Solar Rooftop Yojana If you need to apply under the scheme, then you have to go to the official website prescribed under the scheme for this. Official website for application Is. Let us now know the whole process –

  • Firstly visit the official website.
  • Now you are on the house page Apply For Rooftop Solar Click on the choice.
  • On the next page click on the link of your state (Uttar Pradesh) website.
  • Now the application form will open in front of you.
  • Fill all the data requested in this.
  • Also upload all the required documents.
  • Now after filling all the data, you have to click on the submit button.
  • With this, the process of application under your UP Solar Rooftop Yojana will be accomplished.

(*5*)Solar Rooftop Yojana Helpline Number

For any kind of downside or data associated to solar rooftop scheme, you can contact the helpline number given here –
1800 180 3333 can contact on Apart from this you can also contact through the official website prescribed under the scheme.

Free Solar Rooftop Yojana: If you want to install solar panels on the roof for free, then apply like this

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