Gehu Kharid Kisan Panjikaran – Farmers should register like this to buy wheat


Gehu Kharid Kisan PanjikaranFarmer citizens can register themselves through online medium for the buy of wheat in minimum support worth. nationwide this Harvesting time of Rabi crop The work has been began. In this sequence, the state governments have began registration and procurement of crops at MSP from farmers at their personal stage. The process of registration has also been began by the Rajasthan government for the buy of wheat at the minimum support worth. For the comfort of farmers, online facility has been made available for registration.

For the buy of wheat by the Rajasthan government, the dates for the buy of wheat for the minimum support worth have already been introduced. Wheat procurement will be began in Kota from March 15 in other remaining districts from April 1 to June 10. For this all farmers have to register online. The process of registration for wheat procurement has been began in the state from March 15, 2022.

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Gehu Kharid Kisan Panjikaran

The process of registration of farmers for wheat procurement through the state of Uttar Pradesh has been began from April 1, 2022. Farmer citizens can register themselves from April 1 to May 15, 2022, to buy wheat at the minimum support worth. After registration, farmers can promote their crops to the citizen government at the minimum support worth. Farmers citizens of Uttar Pradesh can register themselves for wheat buy under the official website of on the foundation of online process.

Farmers should register like this to buy wheat

  • Gehu Kharid Kisan Panjikaran To do this, farmer citizens have to visit the official website of their Food and Logistics Department.
  • website house page Farmer registration for wheat buy Click on Options.
  • Now after studying all the important data given to register in the new page, click on the possibility of Click on this link for farmer registration.
  • Now enter the given data to register.
  • After that click on submit possibility.
  • After receiving the message in the mobile, the process of wheat buy farmer registration will be accomplished.


For the buy of crops instantly from the farmers, such a system has been created through the government in which an ecosystem has been created. On the foundation of this system, the government buys crops from the farmers at the minimum support worth. Minimum support worth is mounted every year for the buy of crops. After fixing the MSP, the government buys the crops from the farmers at the same worth fee. In order to promote their crops under the MSP worth, it is mandatory for the farmers to register themselves. On the foundation of registration, farmers will be in a position to promote their crop at MSP worth fee. Every year the MSP worth fee is elevated through the government so that farmers can get a truthful worth for their crop.

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