Farmers got good news before Holi, loan of more than 900 crores will be waived


Kisan Karjmafi : To promote agriculture in the nation and enhance the economic condition of the farmers, the government offers advantages of many schemes. One such announcement has been made just lately by the Government of Maharashtra, taking a massive choice for loan waiver in the curiosity of farmers, under which the government will provide reduction to the state. 34,788 farmers will provide the profit of loan waiver, in which farmers 96,415 crores The loan will be forgiven. Which farmers of the state will be ready to get the profit of farmer loan waiver, allow us to know its complete data.

20 lakh farmers will get incentive

To provide reduction from the loans taken to the economically weak small and marginal farmers under the Farmer Loan Waiver, Maharashtra’s Ajit Pawar has devoted the year. 2022-23 While presenting the budget of 2014, he talked about offering incentives to those farmers related with agriculture in addition to loan waiver, who have been usually paying the loans taken from banks, under which all such farmers will be given incentives by the state government. 50 thousand rupees This profit will be supplied to the State 20 lakh farmers can be obtained.

Rs 10 thousand crore budget will be released for farmer loan waiver

For farmer loan waiver this year by Maharashtra government Year 2022-23 For 10000 crores A budget of Rs. Through this budget, all the eligible farmers of the state who are paying their loan usually for three years will be given the profit of the scheme. Along with this, in the announcement made this year, the government has introduced Rs 964.15 crore It has been decided to forgive, which will be very helpful for the curiosity of the farmers. By this the state’s 34,788 farmers can get profit.

Farmers will get the profit of loan without curiosity

In the announcement made by the Finance Minister under the loan waiver, it was informed that in the previous year 2020-21 In the budget of 2015, it was introduced to give loans to farmers for Kharif season without any curiosity. In view of this, by the finish of this year, the government will help the farmers. 911 crores will be made available without any curiosity loan, so that the state’s 43.12 lakh farmers can get profit.

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