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Census is done in India every 10 years. Recently the Central Government e-census have decided to do. e-census 2023 Now the government is planning to conduct census through digital medium. Now all the citizens of the nation with the help of digital medium e-census 2023 Will be in a position to register online as well as can see E-Census Application Form and Janganana List and so on. online.

E-Census application form and Janganana List

In immediately’s article we will give you What is E-Census 2023? , Will give all the data associated to this. In the article youOnline registration for census 2023, and application form as well E-Janganana List and so on. will be knowledgeable. If you also need all the data associated to e-census 2023, then keep with the article until the finish.

e-census 2023

In immediately’s digital period, all sorts of amenities are being supplied online. All the schemes or insurance policies are delivered online to the citizens and various departments. With the purpose of making India a digital India, the Central Government has used expertise to make the census easy, fast and easy. now Census will be began digitally. Due to which the government’s time will be saved.

As you all know in India every 10 years Census Is carried out. The last census of India was done in the year 2011. since 2011 it Census It was to be done in the year 2021, however we all know how a lot the corona epidemic was at that time. Due to which in 2021 Census It was troublesome to do. in the Indian state of Assam Directorate of Census Operation Building At the time of inauguration, Union Home Minister Amit Shah introduced the launch of E-Census. Under this, census will be added to every birth and demise in India by the year 2024.

Key Highlights of E-Census 2023

Name e census
article identify e-census 2023 In Online Registration, Application Form,
Janganana List
E Janganana plan introduced By Honorable Home Minister Amit Shah
E Janganana Scheme beneficiary of all citizens of the nation
application procedure online and offline
E Janganana function of of the nation Janganana digital launch
the acquire online facility
E Janganana official website of censusindia.gov.in

E-Census 2023 function of

Various schemes and government works are now being done through digital medium only by the Government of India. To fulfill the dream of Digital India, every sector has been linked through online medium. Various sorts of companies and amenities are supplied to the citizens online only. The census is performed by the Government of India every 10 years. And for the census, government staff have to go door to door to accumulate knowledge, due to which there is a loss of both time and cash.

by Government of India E-Census 2023 Now citizens will be in a position to do census with the help of their mobile telephones. E-Census 2023 The foremost goal of the census is to ensure the participation of citizens for the digital form of census.

Benefits and features of e-census 2023

  • through digital Census By doing this, the government will be in a position to formulate various insurance policies for the next 25 years.
  • Census The process will be linked to expertise.
  • The government will launch software program to conduct the census through digital means.
  • About 50 p.c of the citizens of the nation will be in a position to reply all the questions themselves through the mobile application. And Census Will be in a position to make the process easier.
  • from various departments by the government Census Help is being sought in the work of
  • government Census To robotically replace the capabilities of the demise and birth in the nation by the year 2024 Census Will join with
  • Now government staff Census There will be no need to go from home to home. Because now this work will be done online only, which will save both cash and time.
  • There will be transparency in the functioning.

important documents

  • Aadhar card
  • passport measurement photo
  • income certificate
  • age certificate
  • Address proof
  • mobile number
  • E mail ID

E-Jaganana 2023 eligibility

Citizens are required to fulfill the eligibility situations to avail any advantages accruing from E-Census. launched by the Government of India E-Jaganana 2023 To take benefit of the following eligibility should be –

  • The applicant must be a everlasting resident of India to take benefit of the e-census scheme.
  • Citizens and communities of all ages of the nation will be thought of eligible in this.

E-Census 2023 online registration / application process

Electronic Census 2023 Now the citizens of the nation will have to wait for some time to apply for the advantages available through the initiative. Right now by the central government E-Census 2023 has been introduced. Soon a government discover will come for the application in this initiative, whose data we will provide to you through our article. As soon as any data about this program will be released by the involved department, we will inform you about it.

Frequently requested questions (FAQs) associated to E-Census Application Form and Janganana List –

What is digital census?

In the digital census or E-Census, now the census in India will be done electronically. This census will be done through digital medium. By the year 2024, every birth and demise has been registered in the digital census.

When was the last census done in India?

The last census was held in India in 2011, after which this census was to be held in the year 2021 however due to the Corona epidemic, this census might not be done in 2021.

In how many years census is done in the nation?

Census is done in India every 10 years.

Who introduced the E-Census 2023?

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has introduced to conduct e-census.

Under which act the census is performed in India?

The census performed in the nation after the year 1951 is performed under the Census Act of 1948.

What is the complete inhabitants of India according to the 2011 census?

According to the 2011 census, the complete inhabitants of India is 1,21,01,93,422.

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