Double charge will have to be paid at toll block, avoid paying double money like this, Toll Tex Rules


Double charge will have (*90*) be paid at toll blockIn view of the rising costs of petrol, it has been decided (*90*) improve the toll tax on the National Highway through the Central Government. highway toll tax This rule has come into pressure from 1st April 2022. This determination of the government will have a direct impression on the automobile house owners. For which they will now have (*90*) pay more money as toll (*90*) journey on the freeway. Toll tax has been elevated by 10 (*90*) 12 % by the central government.

Avoid double tax like this,by paying

On the growing costs of toll tax, those individuals who are touring without tags will be charged double the quantity from such passengers at the toll naka. That is, if toll is being collected at Rs 100, then Rs 200 will be charged for that distance from a automobile without fast tag. If you need (*90*) avoid paying double charge, then for this you will have (*90*) get FASTag put in from your nearest FASTag retailer.

How does FASTag work?

If your automobile is fitted with FASTag, then when your automobile comes close to the toll plaza, the sensor on the toll plaza tracks the FASTag put in on the windscreen of your automobile. After which this sensor deducts the fee from your FASTag account. Based on this facility, you do not need (*90*) cease at toll plazas. You can also pay toll tax fee under FASTag without stopping. This tag will start working once your pay as you go account is activated. As soon as the quantity in your FASTag account is exhausted, you will have (*90*) charge for it once more.

Information is acquired through a message in your mobile telephone on deducting the charges from the FASTag account. This message comprises all the info about the quantity collected for toll tax.

You can easily do FASTag recharge through telephone pe, google pay, paytm, and other varieties of digital payment apps. The minimum quantity that can be recharged in FASTag account is Rs.100. You can put a FASTag sticker on the windscreen by visiting any toll plaza and company within the level of sale. Based on this your FASTag account will be activated.

What is fastag and how does it work

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