Cultivation of this tree will make you a millionaire, know how


Sandalwood Tree FarmingFarmers do not earn a lot in farming done by them. However, there is also such a farming that can make you a millionaire in a quick time. Not only this, you do not even need to work hard day and night time in it. Actually we are speaking about the cultivation of sandalwood tree. In this you can earn tens of millions of crores. For info, allow us to inform you that the sandalwood tree is thought of the costliest tree in the world. Its current worth is Rs 30,000 per kg. The value of this tree retains on rising every year.

Sandalwood Tree Farming

For your info, allow us to inform you that the government has banned the buy and sale of sandalwood bushes. Farmers cannot promote these bushes. Only the government can purchase these bushes immediately from the farmer. And can export them additional. As you will be conscious that sandalwood is used from fragrance to making medicines. Its demand is very excessive in the worldwide market, whereas its manufacturing does not meet the demand even in the world. Due to which its worth will increase additional. The government also offers subsidy in the cultivation of this tree. Due to which if somebody cultivates sandalwood, then he is going to profit a lot in the future.

Its cultivation will make you a millionaire

Let us inform you that sandalwood vegetation mature in 12 to 15 years. After 12 years sandalwood weighing 15 kg (not the weight of the whole tree, only sandalwood powder) is obtained. Whereas in 15 years we get 20 kg. According to professional estimates, the cost of cultivation of sandalwood per hectare for the entire crop cycle (15 years) is round Rs 30 lakh, however it earns up to Rs 1.25 crore. Accordingly, this farming can give a good revenue. You can develop sandalwood in soil with pH of 6.5 to 7.5. Also, the better temperature for this is from 12 ° C to 35 ° C.

what will do?

If you also need to domesticate sandalwood, then you can easily plant it. For this you have to first gather all the info associated to it. Then you can plant sandalwood vegetation. After this, you have to give info about this to the Patwari and then you have to apply in the DFO about this. Let us inform you that you can also declare for subsidy on sandal cultivation (subsidy of 28400 per acre) from the government. For this, go to the involved department and apply.

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