Bihar girl students will get bumper reward after passing the pre exam, know how much amount they will get


Bihar News: The girl students of Bihar will get bumper reward for clearing the pre exam of UPSC and BPSC. Yes, there is a excellent news for the girl students of Bihar who are preparing for civil companies. Recently the government has introduced that any scholar UPSC and BPSC Pre Exam Will take them out as an incentive 1 lakh rupees will be offered. Relief fund Women and Child Development Corporation (WCDC) will be offered by For your data, allow us to inform you that the profit of the amount mentioned in the declaration will be given to the ladies candidates of general category. Those candidates will be in a position to take benefit of this, who will pass the first stage of BPS or UPSC examination in the year 2021. If you have passed pre-pass in any one of these two exams, then those candidates can apply in it. Its Application Date 3 December 2021 Till then.

General category ladies will get advantages

This time the profit of this announcement general class ladies Will get For your data, allow us to inform you that before this, such incentives and other schemes have been run by the Bihar government for the reserved lessons. But this time this profit will be given to the feminine candidates of general category. Apart from this, ladies candidates who are benefiting from any of its equivalent schemes will not be given advantages under the scheme released this time.

This amount will be straight deposited in the checking account

As you know that the amount of 1 lakh acquired under this scheme will be given to the feminine candidate who will be eligible for the year. Qualify in UPSC and BPSC Pre Exam 2021 Will do All of them will get this amount straight through the checking account. Which will be despatched to their checking account through DBT. For your data, allow us to inform you that this amount Women and Child Development Corporation (WCDC) will be given by Female candidates can also use this for their mains preparation, so that if they face any sort of financial disaster, then they do not become a hindrance in additional research.

Women candidates will get encouragement

There is a lot of enthusiasm amongst the ladies candidates due to this announcement of the Bihar government. This will make the highway easier for their additional research. It will be easy for the candidates who have taken the pre exam this year to prepare for the mains. She will get a lot of encouragement from this help amount and she will be in a position to prepare additional without any downside. Also, his relations will not have to bear any hassle for this. The downside of expenditure on the schooling of daughters will also no longer be there. Not only this, those ladies who need to prepare for this examination in future also, those ladies will also be inspired by it. People of poor household who are unable to support them for their preparation due to lack of cash will also encourage them to examine additional.

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