big news! Now medicine will also be available at petrol pump, this company has signed an agreement


Petrol Pump Update: Starting a new initiative in the nation, Indian Oil has tied up with a personal pharmacy company to provide low-cost medicines along with petrol and diesel to citizens at petrol pumps. Talking about petrol pumps round the world, there are many other issues available to the citizens in addition to petrol diesel, however before that no such facility was began at petrol pumps in our nation, which is now recognized as Indian Oil Company. The facility of low-cost medicines has been began in the petrol pumps of Delhi and Haryana state.

Now the medicine will also be available at the petrol pump

A brand new initiative has been began by IndianOil to provide medicines at reasonably priced charges to citizens at petrol pumps, so that now citizens will be ready to easily purchase medicines along with petrol and diesel at petrol pumps. . This will not only provide better returns to the clients at the petrol pump however also mark the starting of IndianOil’s fruitful and long-term relationship with Dawa India.

Know this company has signed an agreement

In the info obtained for opening a medicine store at a petrol pump, it has been discovered that a personal pharmacy company is planning to open a medicine store at Indian Oil petrol pump. M/s Dawa India Generic Pharmacy Limited contracted with. In which company retailers will be opened by the company at IOC’s petrol pumps in Delhi and Haryana, under which an outlet has been opened in Delhi. Giving concrete form to this agreement, the medicine outlet at IOC Pump Welcome Motors, Saket, Delhi was inaugurated by Kapil Dev Ji, Brand Ambassador of Dawa India, on the event, State Head, State Office of Delhi, ED Shyam Bohra and other senior officers. were concerned. With this agreement, it will be easier to attain reasonably priced generic medicines to the clients.

Medicine retailers will open at 12 more pumps in Delhi and Haryana

Elaborating on the advantages accruing to the clients from the agreement between IOC and the personal company, Shyam Bohra also said that to improve the attain of generic medicines to the folks, there is a need to start Dawa India Sports in 12 more Indian Oil stores in Delhi. The process is in the last stage. As soon as this process is accomplished, then drug shops will be opened at many more pumps in Delhi and Haryana.

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