Big news about the weight of LPG cylinder! Know what is news


LPG Cylinder WeightA brand new scheme is being ready to provide reduction in the weight of home fuel cylinders to LPG customers through the central government. According to the info, now to give reduction in the weight of 14.2 kg cylinder to the girls, the weight of LPG can be lowered by the central government. According to this process, it will be easier for girls particularly in carrying cylinders. Many individuals face problems lifting 14.2 kg cylinder Does matter. Women have to face hassle to carry cylinders from one place to another. For the profit of girls, the thought of ​​lowering the weight of LPG cylinders is being thought-about by the central government.

Big news about the weight of LPG cylinder

A member of the MP had earlier said in the Rajya Sabha about the problems being confronted by the cylinders due to heavy cylinders that girls and daughters have to go through many problems in carrying cylinders. In such a state of affairs, Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has given a clear reply relating to this matter that the government has mentioned to cut back the weight of the cylinder to give comfort to the girls in the weight of home LPG. He is going.

In order to facilitate girls and daughters in heavy weight of home fuel cylinder, it has been clarified by the Petroleum Minister that some conclusion will be drawn to overcome this downside. Either 14.2 kg cylinder will be transformed as 5 kg Or some other methodology will be adopted. Based on this process, girls will be freed from the downside of carrying heavy cylinders.

LPG Cylinder PM Ujjwala Yojana

Petroleum Minister Hari Deep Singh Puri has also given info about the new connections issued under PM Ujwala that until now under PMUY. 8 crore 8 lakh LPG connections have been issued, Domestic LPG connections are issued by the central government in the title of poor member girls throughout the nation through the Ujjwala scheme. Under PM Ujjwala Yojana 2.0, all poor households are being offered with the profit of taking house fuel kitchen as well as fuel range free of cost. To provide kitchen services to girls, this scheme has been applied by the central government throughout the nation.

Under PM Ujjwala Yojana, only the households residing below poverty line have been offered the profit of taking fuel connection as subsidy. So that girls do not have to face the smoke from the wooden in the home kitchen. This scheme has been issued by the Government of India particularly to maintain girls secure from smoke air pollution. All poor girls can get the profit of PM Ujjwala.

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