Banks will not open for 15 days this month, check before going to branch


Bank Holidays in April 2022April 2022 has began. Along with the starting of this month, the financial year 2022- 2023 has also began. In this entire month, government banks will be closed for a complete of 15 days. If you have also left any financial institution associated work until now, then before going to the financial institution once you must get info about whether the banks are open or not? Let us inform you that from April 1 to April 5, the banks are going to be closed. However, not all banks will stay closed at the same time. However, if in the meantime you need to do some financial institution associated work, then before going to the financial institution you should Bank Holidays in April 2022 will have to check.

(*3*)Banks will be closed for 15 days (*10*)

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has released the listing of financial institution holidays for the month of April. Let us inform you that there are complete 15 days of financial institution holidays in April. Out of which 4 holidays are on Sundays. Also some holidays are falling constantly. The Bank Holidays List has been released by RBI on its official website. Please be aware that these holidays are for completely different state banks. And not all holidays will be relevant in all states. For info, allow us to inform you that according to the pointers of RBI, banks are closed on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month other than Sundays. For your comfort, we are giving the listing of holidays falling in the month of April in this article. You can check it before going to the financial institution.

Bank Holidays in April 2022 : See the complete listing of holidays here (*10*)

1st April- Due to the closure of annual accounts, almost Banks will stay closed in all states,
April 2nd- Gudi Padwa / Ugadi Festival / First Day of Navratri / Telugu New Year / Sajibu Nongampamba (Chairoba) , Banks closed in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Manipur, Imphal, J&Ok, Goa
3 April- Sunday (weekly vacation)
4 April- sarihul , Bank closed in Jharkhand
5 April- babu jagjivan ram birthday , Banks closed in Telangana
April 9- second saturday of the month
10 April – Sunday (Weekly Holiday)

April 14- Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti/ Mahavir Jayanti/ Baisakhi/ Tamil New Year/ Chairoba, Biju Festival/ Bohar Bihu , Banks closed in locations other than Meghalaya and Himachal Pradesh
April 15- Good Friday / Bengali New Year / Himachal Day / Vishu / Bohag Bihu , Banks closed in locations other than Rajasthan and Jammu-Srinagar
April 16- Bohag Bihu , Bank closed in Guwahati
April 17- Sunday (weekly vacation)
April 21- Gadiya Puja , Banks closed in Tripura
23 April- Fourth Saturday of the Month (Weekly Holiday)
25 April- Sunday (weekly vacation)
April 29- Shab-e-Qadr/Jumat-ul-Vida , Banks closed in Jammu and Srinagar

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