Antyodaya fair will be organized from November 29, read full news


Mukhyamantri Antyodaya Parivar Utthan Yojana As the title suggests, it is for those households who come in the listing of Antyodaya. Various efforts are made by the state government for these households so that they can be uplifted. Chief Minister Antyodaya Parivar Utthan Yojana Through this, the state government has taken an initiative in which the poorest households of the state will be recognized. And for their improvement, advantages will be given under the scheme.

Chief Minister Antyodaya Parivar Utthan Yojana: Antyodaya Fair will be organized from November 29, read full news
Chief Minister Antyodaya Parivar Utthan Yojana: Antyodaya Fair will be organized from November 29, read full news

Chief Minister Antyodaya Parivar Utthan Yojana

Through the Mukhyamantri Antyodaya Parivar Utthan Yojana, the poor households whose income is much less than Rs 1 lakh, will be recognized. After this, efforts will be made to improve their income through various schemes. Under the scheme, a bundle will be ready to take various talent improvement, self-employment and employment technology measures, so that the income of poor households can be elevated by at least 1 lakh and then up to 1 lakh 80 thousand per year.

Antyodaya Mela will start from November 29

Under the Chief Minister Antyodaya Parivar Utthan Yojana, Antyodaya Mela will be began from November 29, 2021. All the preparations are being done extensively for the Antyodaya Mela and every effort is made to complete it efficiently. V. Umashankar, Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, has given necessary instructions to the Deputy Commissioners of the State and their involved officers through video conferencing. He said that the precedence of the Haryana government is that every last individual in the state should be developed and all the plans for his upliftment should attain him.

The Principal Secretary said through video conferencing that all the eligible folks should be called in this Antyodaya Mela and functions should be taken from them in this fair, on which the financial institution officers should give permission. He additional knowledgeable that it has been decided to appoint a nodal officer for Antyodaya Mela. It is also being instructed that the applicant will be knowledgeable from the headquarters so that he can attain the fair on time and apply. A voice name or SMS will be made to the applicant to inform him.

Efforts will be made in these festivals that the venues of the festivals should be mounted and at the same time ample number of stalls should be put up in the festivals. Efforts should be made by the various departments collaborating in the festivals to give info about their schemes at their respective stalls through flex. So that info about these schemes reaches all the eligible folks and they can perceive them. So that they can apply in all the schemes associated to their improvement. The goal behind organizing this fair is that through this Antyodaya fair, more and more folks should apply in it and become its beneficiaries.

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