All laborers will get work from this card, apply like this


UP Shramik Majdur Card: The UP Shramik Mazdoor Card has been began by the Chief Minister of the state, Shri Yogi Aditya Nath, to facilitate the laborers of the state. Through this card, labor laborers will be ready to get the advantages of all the schemes issued by the government. Along with this, employment opportunities will also be supplied to them according to their qualification. For this, the applicant is required to register on the portal. Only after that they will be ready to get the labor card. Interested labor laborers can apply for labor card by visiting the official website of UP Labor Department.

Due to the lockdown due to the Corona epidemic, there are many such laborers who turned unemployed, maintaining in thoughts that they lost their jobs. Shramik Mazdoor Card Registration Process issued to. Through this, they get the schemes being run by the government like: NREGA, UP Labor Maintenance Scheme You will get the profit of many schemes like and so forth. Citizens are employed by them in no matter discipline of work in the state in which they are 90 days He would have labored in the same work, he will be ready to get a job through his labor card. Along with this, many services will be supplied by the government to their kids.

(*90*) advantages will be supplied to the labor card holder

  • Registered laborers will be ready to get the advantages of all the schemes and get employment through labor card.
  • Financial help will be supplied to labor laborers and their households for medical and training of kids.
  • Under maternity scheme to labor card holders on having a son 10 thousand and daughter’s 12 thousand rupees on birth Will be given
  • 15 thousand for the restore of the constructing And Rs 1 lakh for home building financial help will be given.
  • to labor card holder 55 thousand rupees for the marriage of two daughters Will be given Apart from these, help will be supplied for other ration services, training of kids and so forth.

They will get the profit of the scheme

Plumbers, Wall builders, Building employees, Road employees, Lime builders, Clearance guards, Stone breakers, Blacksmiths, Paint employees, Rock breakers , Thatch Scavengers, Blacksmiths, Brick Kilns, Hammers, Well Diggers, Dam Managers, Cement/Stone Washers, Masons, Cobblers and so forth.

How to register for UP Shramik Mazdoor Card

The applicant has to first visit the official website of the scheme ( Now you on the dwelling page Online registration and renewal Click on the given possibility. After this, the website of Labor Act Management System will open in front of you on a new page. Here you have to read the tips. After which you have to go to login register here Have to click on. The registration form will open in front of you on the new page, you have to fill it and click on register. After which your registration process will be accomplished.

Class 10th/12th students will get free laptop, application starts

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