7th Pay Commission: Central employees got a big setback! This big update came on increasing DA


7th Pay CommissionThis is an important information for all central employees. Let us inform you that the central employees may be upset from the facet of the central government. The government has refused to revise the Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief hike charges for central employees and pensioners in the Rajya Sabha. In response to a query, the Union Finance Minister said that there is no need to enhance the DA by more than 3 %. This assertion will disappoint those central employees who were waiting for a long time for the hike in DA.

Let us inform that in relation to the enhance of DA and DR in the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State for Finance, Pankaj Chaudhary said that according to the All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI-IW) released by the Ministry of Labor, the Central Government will enhance DA and DR on the foundation of inflation. Will. However, he said that there is no need to enhance the DA by more than 3 per cent. Along with this, the government also knowledgeable that the inflation fee in the last two quarters has been more than 5 %.

At present DA will not enhance by more than 3 %

In response to a query requested by Rajya Sabha MP Naranbhai J Rathwa in the Rajya Sabha, the state finance minister government has no plans to enhance the DA past 3% as of now. And he also said that there is no need to revise the fee of hike in dearness allowance and dearness aid for central employees and pensioners. He was requested why the enhance in dearness allowance of central employees and pensioners has been fastened at 3% only when the inflation fee has elevated.

Employees expected to enhance DA

Let us inform that on the foundation of the advice of the 7th Pay Commission, the Central Government will increase the DA. At present, 31 % dearness allowance is supplied to central employees. Had the DA elevated by 3 per cent more as expected before Holi, the general figure would have gone up to 34 per cent. More than 50 lakh government employees and more than 65 lakh pensioners would have benefited from this. However, the employees will be upset with the bulletins given about increasing the DA of the government.


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